Why Neema Cleaning Services?

Having had extensive experience during our work with other cleaning companies, we have formulated a completely different approach to what it really meant to take cleaning to another level, culminating in our founding of Neema Cleaning Services.

The result of our dedicated research into specialized cleaning techniques, products and equipment led to the formation of a team that has been expertly trained in all aspects of specialized cleaning, with ongoing training playing a fundamental role in the phenomenal growth of Neema Cleaning Services.

This growth, and the attitude of a highly incentivized, friendly and professional team, led to the expansion of Neema Cleaning Services into cleaning services in Kenya, bringing along a level of expertise and service excellence that has created an outstanding reputation in among top commercial and industrial clients.

Our staff are all vetted by the police department and must all have valid certificate of good conduct which are renewed every 6 months Furthermore, all staff are taken through a two week training program on cleaning methods, cleaning products and equipment and new innovations Basic customer service training is also provided Specialized training can also be conducted at the customer’s request
We invest in the training of our office cleaners and have an end to end monitoring system to ensure our high standards are being delivered to every client we service.

We care about mother earth and only use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents and equipment sourced from reputable global players to ensure quality and reliable service.